Attribute benefits
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These are the information given to you from the game. There are secrets benefit to the attributes for player with different weapon types. Also, they can affect skill, crime rate, and training result.

Attribute Information

Accuracy measures your hand-eye coordination and precision. It is useful for ranged weapons and crimes involving precise movements. Without a decent accuracy, most ranged weapon damage capabilities are limited.

Dexterity is the measure of how nimble and agile you are. Dexterity helps players avoid being hit in combat as well as helping to land a blow. It is also useful in most crimes involving stealth, quick movement, and/or balance.

Resistance measures how well you can protect yourself. In combat it helps reduce damage from a weapon. Some armors are useless without a decent resistance rating. Resistance is also useful for crimes involving physical confrontation.

Strength is a measure of how much weight you can carry, and how well you can manuever under load. Many armors and some weapons require minimum amounts of strength to weild effectively. Melee weapons also utilize strength heavily. Strength also determines the maximum amount of weight a player can carry on their person without reducing maneuverability.

Endurance helps in all aspects of the game that require stamina. Gym training benefits greatly from high endurance. Many items require endurance to weild effectively. Endurance also affects how much weight can be carried before movement-based penalties occur.

Intelligenceis a measure of a player's mental quickness. It affects how well a player learns as well as helping in intelligence-based crimes. Some crimes are impossible without a high intelligence. Some items require high intelligence as well, as they are too difficult to weild without knowledge of how they work.

Reputation is a measure of how well-known a player is. High reputation gets you things no one else can get, such as gym trainers and future contacts. Probably the most difficult stat to earn, its effects are hard to determine unless you don't have it.

Work Experience is a measure of how far you can go in your career. Careers with a low work experience rating are impossible to progress in. Careers ranks can only progress up to the Work Experience rating.

As for shotgun user, since the weapon requires str to wield, I am sure strength have the potential to increase base damage. There are weapon that requires strength and accuracy. Short blade is another example.
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RE: Attribute benefits
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Every weapon has a max range.

just to clarify that

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