Gang board
2006.Oct.07, 03:27 PM
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ok Biggrin lol Smile
2006.Oct.09, 12:29 PM
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Rafallol Wrote:gang board would be helpfull
we could have awakenedlands's chat to

thats also a good idea
2006.Oct.09, 06:10 PM
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they''ve tried gang boards twice before, and both times there was somesort of bug that allowed non gang members to accidentally stumble into the wrong boards. Early august was the last time they tried it I think, and within a few days had to pull it all down.

Zenith has said that they messageboard code she bought was buggy, so it would require alot of work to get up and running again.. work that I'd rather see go toward fixing the current issues.
2006.Oct.09, 11:00 PM
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its cool was just a suggestion