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Gang board - LuiIce - 2006.Oct.05 11:07 AM

i just want to know what other members think of a gang board. instead of giving mass mail 2 the gang how bout making a board where the whole gang can talk and give their thoughts and ideas. its just a idea i got. what do u guys think.

Re: Gang board - badmanbren - 2006.Oct.05 11:25 AM

true i like that idea but i think u shud still b aloud to have mass mails if u like jus have both.

- 666666 - 2006.Oct.05 11:40 AM

isnt that just a forum?

- LuiIce - 2006.Oct.05 11:55 AM

yeah i geuss it will b kind of like a forum but it will only b in the gang and only the gang members can read it.

- 666666 - 2006.Oct.05 12:12 PM

i thought that was in before but it was very buggy and other gangs messages came up

- OttoOC - 2006.Oct.05 03:58 PM

This was in before and I think it's always been there plan, there are just some problems behind it. I don't care either way since Theafers have an external board, but I'm sure it would be nice for everyone else.

- Rafallol - 2006.Oct.06 01:28 AM

gang board would be helpfull
we could have awakenedlands's chat to

- LuiIce - 2006.Oct.06 01:06 PM

Ive asked Zenith bout looks like u guys agree with me thats its a good im only waiting for her answer

yes - Monk205 - 2006.Oct.06 05:58 PM

666666 Wrote:isnt that just a forum?

yes (im just learning how to quote)

Re: yes - 666666 - 2006.Oct.07 03:57 AM

Monk205 Wrote:
666666 Wrote:isnt that just a forum?

yes (im just learning how to quote)

you can also do other things in quotes as well, like make up things, look at this one,

Some random person Wrote:i am a completely made up person