Who was your first enemy in game?
2006.Sep.29, 03:07 PM
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im in a gang with tha guy no one likes lol, at least i havent beed hated upon...yet :roll:

i used to get attacked by a few of the AA gang in my early days
2006.Sep.29, 03:20 PM
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blade101 Wrote:my first memory since beggining awakenedlands as when i had two accounts and got the ip address banned at school oops
2006.Oct.01, 06:01 AM
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oddjob Wrote:examples-

most hated/liked
most people busted outa jail
most successful Gang at pulling off OCs
best pickpocket / shoplifter / car thief / meth Dr. / arsonist etc
most time in hospital / biggest bully
or maybe just even some others from the parthenon of infamy?

What about biggest gambler as well?