Algorithm used to compute war results?
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RE: Algorithm used to compute war results?
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(2010.Feb.24 09:06 AM)Dingus Wrote:  Let me share my credentials.....

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Burn part deux:

We did not find results for: Wizards of the Coast and the Role-Playing Gamers Association, RPGA #150309..

But you forgot about the caustic comments, arguably the most important to most people here.
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RE: Algorithm used to compute war results?
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I'm fairly certain that when attacked the loss of GPs directly correlates w/ the difference of gang battles only, as mentioned before. It is possible to gain GP in a losing effort. I am not sure what happens when a war is lost by the attacker, but it is possible it is the same.
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RE: Algorithm used to compute war results?
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I was born on November 12th 1991.