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Full Version: Suggestions. =D
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Suggestion 1: Turning Credits into Gang Points.

Suggestion 2: Tryin' to remember it. XD! Hmm..


Suggestion: write your requests in English.
In English? Ich spreche Deustche zum du? Not really. I thought it was quite easy to understand my suggestion..It's called 'Putting another option in the donation house.' This option is 'Turning credits into gang points.' You know..For your gang?


I believe it was already spoken about, and it's a bad suggestion. Wink
Alright. It's not really a bad suggestion, though.


Yer Dane Evil I understood and I'm perfectlly English. The idea smells as bad as a babys nappy though.
Heh. Alright.


Well it wouldn't be too bad, it's just if I won the lottery, let just say there'll be no point in warring them dastardllys, hehe. Razz


all it would do is tilt the gang further towards the big donators.
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