2009.Nov.04, 08:55 AM
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I like this one.

[Image: onikage.jpg]
2009.Nov.04, 09:02 AM
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(2009.Nov.04 07:35 AM)TommiTheTaco Wrote:  
(2009.Nov.04 05:06 AM)badmanbren Wrote:  I love them first 4 Tom...

I know, right?

You changed them!!! WTF. What if Sister liked them? Your loss I guess.
2009.Nov.04, 09:11 AM
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Were they different?
2009.Nov.04, 10:26 AM
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gimme some time closed and i can make u one. im going out for 2 hours when i come back i hope i remember.
2009.Nov.04, 02:30 PM
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[Image: raptor_shirt_thumb.png]

Fear the raptor!
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Whatever leniency I extended to you and your comrades before, may have been in error. If you persist in halting our course, we will burn your pathetic fleet down to the last man.
2009.Nov.04, 03:35 PM
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[Image: closedcasketc.png]
there, i can make it smaller if u wish
2009.Nov.04, 03:44 PM
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These are great!

Tough decisions
2009.Nov.04, 08:03 PM
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(2009.Nov.04 03:35 PM)sufy121s Wrote:  [Image: closedcasketc.png]
there, i can make it smaller if u wish

Just wondering why its in a driveway behind an RV?

Support your local 81

(ºº) Biffi ----->

I own inpaces left nut. See here.
2009.Nov.05, 01:54 PM
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[Image: 56250_soldier_gren_lg.gif]

8:50 pm BlackHand attacked you and lost.