Lose POI career points
2009.Sep.20, 09:39 PM
RE: Lose POI career points
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For the POI career efficiency score, you will lose some point by quitting your career. This is a known fact.

To gain POI career efficiency score:
-- Get + 1.00 by upgrading the rank by 1.
-- Daily +0.xx depending on your career rank. The higher your rank, the more u gain per day. (Must log in to get that bonus)

To lose POI career efficiency score:
-- Get FIRE from you job by not log in for 5 days
-- By quitting your job, you will lose 0.xx point

If you want to get a higher rank, switch to manufacturer and boost that work experience level at one shot. So, you don't have to leave your job ever again.

2009.Sep.20, 10:18 PM
RE: Lose POI career points
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You definitely lose POI points quitting your job. You don't, however, lose points in efficiency in your other job regardless of what you do with it.

I'm 5 in engineering and 5 in manufacturing, but somehow only have an efficiency rating in engineering. POI states players lvl 4 or higher are listed, and I don't see my name in manufacturing. Probably cause I've quit it so much after I stole enough batteries that it's in the red by now.

Whatever that efficiency rating is, I'm happy if it's an entirely useless variable.