Game Updates for August 2009
2009.Sep.01, 02:48 AM
Game Updates for August 2009
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  • Finished month-long implementation to better detect bot users trying to circumvent the rules.

  • Added hideout turret guns to the Balazar gang hideout as a test.

  • Fixed bug where one could use a Sym-Pak to get out of cyberware surgery hospital time.

  • Fixed display issue in the travel agency when getting a discount. Some times it would show a decimal and have a comma in the incorrect position.

  • Fixed issue with some mobile devices that prevented them from clicking the train button in the gym.

  • Added energy, action points, happiness (percentage), and hit points (percentage) to the top of the mobile view page .
  • Added an option in preferences to only view the normal site layout while on a phone.

  • Attempted to add a better looking phone browser view for the site. The main menu on the left is removed and has a top link for a separate menu page. The phone browser option is lighter and should fit into narrow screens better. No need to change any options, just use a phone and it should detect it. We'll run this to test for the rest of the day.

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