Game Updates for April 2009
2009.Sep.01, 02:45 AM
Game Updates for April 2009
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  • Fixed issue with egg where it wasn't healing/refreshing for certain people.

  • Added a new drug crime. Only found in the Industrial district, this crime does not provide cash. On success, you will obtain a nifty new medical item that refreshes happiness. However, there are only a few available each day, as the shelves only hold so much Sym-Pak Orange. If there are none available, you will get a message saying so with no AP loss.
  • Fixed the AP loss for the "none in stock" message.

  • Fixed mail list issue where someone could send an email that had no subject, preventing the recipient from reading it.
  • Fixed issue where sending a mail without using a userid would send a mail to an inactive account.

  • Fixed link on login page to forum in text area.

  • Upgraded server software for security purposes.

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