Bank Interest
2007.Feb.09, 02:35 AM
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If we could only get 10% interest on our money in real life. Smile

I like hydro9226's idea where there is risk for reward. Savings bonds and other low-risk investments would honestly be less interest than the bank is now at 4.41% lol.

A lot of the other games like us basically turn into banker / investment games instead of crimes games after awhile. I'd like to avoid that scenario at all costs.

Sticking to the theme of crime, if anyone has played the game dopewars... having an investment idea similar to this would be interesting. But again, we want to try and avoid making this a banker game.

Zenith [2]
Game Creator and Admin
2007.Feb.09, 03:25 AM
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thing is zen, 4.41% is lower than 10% but AL, with good reason, moves much faster than real life, hence, what would be made on you money in a savings account in 10 or 20 years in real life, can be made in one year in awakened lands. hence the short term deposits would be equally larger than in real life. I have no objection to a risk vs reward program, but like I said, this is a fixed income market we're talking about. the "risk" is not being able to use your money and the "reward" is higher interest than a bank account can provide. then if you want to earn real money, you enter an equity market (for example) where the risk becomes losing your money and the reward is significantly higher returns.
2007.Feb.09, 03:37 AM
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I agree with Matt, if your money is tied up for 90 days and some great new weapon comes out 3 days after you put it in then you are stuck, it also shows commitment to the game in that you are saying i am going to be here in 90 days to get my money out. It gives people a long term stratagy to work towards. Being able to only have only one investement running at anyone time also makes you think before you choose to put your money in a vault for 3 month.

I dont want the game to turn into an investement game but i dont think this will, the interest i suggested could be slightly high and the investement period could be made longer/shorter. Just thinking of a way to develope a longer term stratagy to the game play, its like the school/job market - i get quite excited (sad i know) when my course comes to an end or when my stats allow my to get promoted, i think this investement thing would be the same it will give people another goal to look forward to, more so if you know that when you get your money back you can afford that gun that you always wanted but were too poor to afford.

I dont think it will make the economy spiral out of control as its not silly amounts of interest i am talking about.
2007.Feb.24, 05:00 PM
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im saving my money in my bank and i have 87k in there would i get 8700 from the bank today? since that is 10 % Idea
2007.Feb.24, 05:21 PM
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No you would get around $24.

10% of 87k is $8700, that is what you get in a year. You need to divide that by 365 to get your daily total.
2007.Feb.24, 05:23 PM
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o then im not gonna keep myself with this then
2007.Feb.25, 02:00 AM
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i wish that 10% will be per week...not a year