last try!
2009.Jul.08, 10:58 AM last try!
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Poker Game

I know that the poker suggestion has been presented before, by myself included, but i have a revised edition that i would like to discuss.

The old ideas suggested pictures, or multi-player game rooms, which would take a lot of coding. This idea is a more simple way to bring poker to AL in a format similar to the other gambling options.

The Game Rules

The Poker game uses these simplified rules:

(1) You decide how much to put in the pot (between $50 and $50,000)
(2) You are dealt 5 cards.
(3) You get up to 3 chances to change as many cards as you like.
(4) You play your hand and the computer reveals his.
(5) You either win or lose the money in the pot.

The AL Screens

Corresponding screens would look something like this:

How much money would you like to bet? Please enter a figure between $50 and $50,000.


(2) & (3) & (4)

This is your current hand. You may check the box next to the cards you wish to change or play this hand.

You have 3 chances to change left.

[X] SPADE Queen
[X] CLUB 8


Result: WIN

Your hand:

Opponent hand:
2009.Jul.08, 11:06 AM
RE: last try!
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if we can get poker into this game...i would become the #1 addicted gambler VERY quickly lol
2009.Jul.08, 11:18 AM
RE: last try!
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Some form of poker would be amazing, I know i'd be on here nonstop but not as interesting when it's against a computer...and if you played against people AL gambling house could take a cut of like .5% of every pot the way casinos do and lots would sitll love playing.
2009.Jul.08, 11:32 AM
RE: last try!
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All the other suggestions to play against each other have failed.

Almost everyone loves poker, it would make some people more active and keep newer players.

So having it here, even against the computer, would be awesome Smile

Also, we could then play against each other in a sort of sense. Firstly by trying to reach number 1 in POI. And secondly by Poker Tournament Contests, where we see who can win the most cash in one day, as a contest day Smile
2009.Jul.08, 11:41 AM
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If this idea fails due to the complex nature of the programming, might I suggest Blackjack as an alternative? There are fewer variables involved, and it is a simpler game, and seems relatively easy to program.

Whatever leniency I extended to you and your comrades before, may have been in error. If you persist in halting our course, we will burn your pathetic fleet down to the last man.
2009.Jul.08, 11:48 AM
RE: last try!
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Poker! I barely know her!
2009.Jul.08, 12:29 PM
RE: last try!
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Quote:(3) You get up to 3 chances to change as many cards as you like.

NO,only a chance(3 is too much) and can change only 3 cards.

Btw good idea Biggrin


He is back....
2009.Jul.08, 12:32 PM
RE: last try!
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Idea is awesome!
I'd never be off here if poker was implemented! Even against the computer it'd be great.
2009.Jul.08, 01:04 PM
RE: last try!
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That would be great.
We would finally have an exciting game to gamble. Smile

No offense but roulette is kinda dull compered to poker.

Although it would be much better if we could play against other players.

Maybe some rooms were players can gather around and steal each other's money?
2009.Jul.08, 01:48 PM
RE: last try!
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Great idea!

Would love to have this on AL. It would be much better to have a poker room and play against each other, but even against the computer it would be awesome!

+1 Cool