how long does it take for...
2007.Dec.26, 02:07 PM
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alinutza Wrote:he probablydeleted your id from the box where it was supposed to be put automatically when he clicked the link

yeah im thinking that too since hes still not on teh list an that th only logical explainintion lol.. im wonering coul he delete that account and start ober again (considering he hasnt don anything with it yet anyay)?
2007.Dec.26, 02:29 PM
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i dont think the acoount can be deleted by the player..

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2007.Dec.29, 10:46 PM
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ok i just had another person sign up using my referal link (and also made sure he didnt take teh referal number out of the referal id box) and even that one isnt on my referals list or did i get an event for him signing up (and yes his account is active)
2007.Dec.30, 05:43 AM
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Quote:I'll be back from vacation and back to work for everyone again on Monday. I miss everyone!

you'll have to wait Biggrin
i dont know what to answer to this question

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2007.Dec.31, 02:04 PM
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07.December.31 - Fixed a registration issue regarding referrals of high-userid accounts.

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2008.Jan.01, 08:40 AM
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We still want our refs back! I got 3 RL mates in, 2 might be inactive but still lol.