Game Updates for January 2009
2009.Feb.01, 02:57 AM
Game Updates for January 2009
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  • Added your own mails to the reply/compose screen rather than only showing the other player's messages received.
  • Recoded various parts of the site to eliminate depreciated php code.

  • Added some more logs and session management features for security purposes.

  • Fixed another major exploit prior to any data being changed. No data lost or corrupted.

  • Fixed major exploit and recovered all current data. No data lost or corrupted.

  • Fixed jailed-user link in the new jail recorder addition.

  • Fixed a couple issues with the player report feature.
  • Fixed issue with organized crime events not being sent to players if they were in the hospital or jail when the OC ended.

  • Added the historical as well as the weekly average sale price of all credit market sales to the credit market page.
  • Added to the Ares JailRecorder so you can see your last 50 bust attempts.

  • Further improved session management for player accounts with some advanced tracking.
  • Added "Player Movement" to each gang's page in the gang list. This shows all gang player movement since September 29th, 2008.

  • Removed all players on the career rankings list in the Pantheon that had a rating below 0.
  • Split contest information out from the "Recent Activity" section in the Pantheon of Infamy to it's own "Contest" section.
  • Added the latest level achievements for players level 5 or above to "Recent Activity".
  • Also added the latest gang player additions to the same section.
  • Logging into AL has changed slightly. If you log in from another location such as a phone or alternate computer, your currently logged in sessions will be logged out for security.

  • Probably the biggest single update we've had to date. While no new content, various reworking of code to ensure both security and performance.
  • Many database edits to eliminate lag and improve efficiency.
  • Almost every page has been affected due to these updates. The latest workings opens the door for more additions. Now, on to new stuff (been working on this update for over 2 weeks).

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