Game Updates for December 2008
2009.Jan.02, 02:09 AM
Game Updates for December 2008
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  • Fixed potential exploit with gang creation. As usual, we do not detail exploit fixes.

  • Due to a server security patch, 11 new potential exploits have been fixed. As usual exploits aren't detailed, but they didn't exist until the security patch, which was tested on another machine. As our norm, we try to ensure potential exploits are fixed prior to any new code being added.

  • Increased gang-point gains on successful organized crimes. The more players you have that are active, the better the returns.

  • Minor optimizations to certain pages to keep the site operating while minimizing lag.
  • Upgraded server version of PHP for security reasons, and as a consequence had to update numerous pages.
  • Fixed a new exploit caused by the server upgrade.

  • For our friends using screen readers that do not support our checkboxes, the alternate site layout now eliminates them. Just go to your preferences page and click on Change Site Layout.

  • Fixed three possible exploits. As usual, we do not detail exploit fixes. Luckily they were never used.

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