NPC Thug?
2006.Nov.21, 03:51 AM
NPC Thug?
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why when you look on user list is there a player called jack mort aged 1 and his level is NPC and also his duties are NPC thug? if anybody noes please telll me. Thanks
2006.Nov.21, 06:17 AM
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ya, I see him, ID 101.
2006.Nov.21, 06:22 AM
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lol he kick my butt.
2006.Nov.21, 06:45 AM
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I got seriously butt kicked :shock:
2006.Nov.21, 07:26 AM
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really, lvl 1 and he kicked berry's ass, well I think I'll try him right after I gain my lvl, then I can't lose exp Smile
2006.Nov.21, 07:46 AM
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not lvl 1, he is 1 day old, he is lvl NPC
2006.Nov.21, 07:48 AM
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ya, just realized that. lvl 25 he is.
2006.Nov.21, 07:52 AM
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yeah 25...guess I won't be trying him....

He is going to get bounced in and out of the hospital so much, high lvl people should develop some kinda "take a number and wait" system. Let the refreshing begin!
2006.Nov.21, 08:29 AM
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atm, there aren't too many ppl who can beat him.
2006.Nov.21, 09:53 AM
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Guess he is! lol

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