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2009.Feb.23, 12:56 PM
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LOL. well played.

Round 1
Conrad hits g2o2d4wp for 1338 damage.
Round 2
Conrad hits g2o2d4wp for 1373 damage.
Round 4
Conrad hits g2o2d4wp for 1151 damage. g2o2d4wp sulks.
2009.Feb.25, 10:43 PM
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LOL Wink
2009.Aug.10, 10:06 PM
RE: Awakened Lands Wiki
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Sorry for the lack of updates on the wiki over the past few months. I have been super busy on my horse farm over the summer (much as I usually am). I plan to return to work on the wiki in the next few days. Smile
2009.Aug.11, 12:31 AM
RE: Awakened Lands Wiki
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ill be happy to help if you need any.

19.) You hit for 1195 points of damage. XXX resists 2 for a total of 1193 damage.
2009.Aug.11, 07:43 AM
RE: Awakened Lands Wiki
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Thanks Smile Help is always welcome... I think I have some new (for me) items to add, dunno what else I missed until I speak to Zen.
2009.Aug.11, 07:57 AM
RE: Awakened Lands Wiki
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Don't forget to mention that BOT you built Wink
2009.Aug.13, 10:33 AM
RE: Awakened Lands Wiki
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LOL... Dingus! Shhhhhhh!

Okay in all seriousness... Updates have begun on the wiki Smile the items that came into play during my time away are now being placed into the wiki and should be able to be viewed within a day or two (depends on how quickly I can locate them all by district/shop). If you see something I fail to put up there feel free to give me a shout out in game and I will correct any oversight.

Glad to finally be back, missed the game and missed all the great people here.
2009.Aug.14, 01:19 AM
RE: Awakened Lands Wiki
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Okay I think I got everything updated as far as items go. If you see something missing please let me know. Over the next 24 hours I will be updating my security protocols for the site. If you have trouble accessing the site during that time please be patient and try again later.
2009.Aug.22, 09:52 AM
RE: Awakened Lands Wiki
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Added a business directory to the wiki (thanks for voting!). If you offer a service in the game and wish to be listed please get in touch with me. No scammers please! If someone is found to be using the wiki to further a scam routine they will be removed. The layout currently set is not final. there is a good chance the layout of the page will change over time to accommodate new services and for eye appeal / ease of use.
2009.Nov.02, 01:11 PM
nice work on game
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love the game would play it 24/7 if i could keep up the good work like the new changes sweet