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Awakened Lands Wiki - Chadey - 2008.Oct.02 04:38 PM

Looking for interested (and experienced) players who wish to assist in the development of an AL wiki now located at: Wiki Link

Please contact me in game if interested.

- Chadey - 2008.Oct.02 10:08 PM

wiki site may change... host server continues to boot logged in members and prevents updating :/

- Chadey - 2008.Oct.12 11:29 PM

The new URL to the Official AL Wiki is: Wiki Link

We are still uploading information and changing minor things here and there. Please be patient with the construction and if you have suggestions on information you would like to see listed in the new Wiki please feel free to make them to me in game or post under this topic.

- McCule - 2008.Oct.13 12:20 AM

Love it! You did a good job on the Valhalla page. ^^

- CrazyFoley - 2008.Oct.13 07:50 AM

Throw one of those up there for Valgrind if you wouldn't mind.

- Wninja - 2008.Oct.13 04:10 PM

Sweet job on the site! Finally a centralized location fo all information!

- Chadey - 2008.Oct.13 07:38 PM

Thanks everyone for the positive feedback, both here int eh forums and in the game!

The site is coming along well and as things progress and get completed we will continue to expand the database Smile I purchased the server and site name for 3 years (at which point it will be renewed) so you can look forward to a stationary location for information for some time to come Wink

- Ushanewnewba - 2008.Oct.13 07:55 PM

Chadey for President!

- Lucky666 - 2008.Oct.13 07:57 PM

good job bud
keep it up

- CrazyFoley - 2008.Oct.13 07:58 PM

Please don't make you own crappy game and get fed jailed, resulting in you taking down the site because your angry.