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2006.Nov.08, 01:00 PM
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oh, thats worse. they all flirting with you? Wink

i used to get the msn pop up ads earlier, bugged the hell outta me. couldnt leave msn on over night 15-30 pop ups neatly stacked on screen.

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2006.Nov.08, 02:26 PM
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I have tried most that are out there and google is by far the best one I have ever used.
2006.Nov.08, 02:53 PM
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It all depends on what everyone in your social group uses. I haven't ersonally used google, but I can't really see how it would be much superior to msn. msn is also much more widespread because you can log in with windows messenger and a .net passport. so basically, anyone with windows already has it.
2006.Nov.08, 03:15 PM
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Yes but google requires no software. It has software you can download if you like but most people at work like myself just use the web based version thats in gmail. That means anyone with a browser can access it.

It also allows you to connect to it from other IM programs if you like.
2006.Nov.08, 03:31 PM
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fair enough, that is good if you work at a company and are only a local administrator on your machine.
2006.Nov.08, 04:10 PM
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yeah google all tha way!

the msn one screwed my comp up
2006.Nov.08, 04:26 PM
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MSN has a web based browser as well.
2006.Nov.09, 09:09 PM
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oh.. thats why Dru's never on msn.. i'm deleted!! :shock:
2006.Nov.12, 04:04 AM
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zenith, you can also set msn to only allow people that you have allowed on your contact list.

i don't use anything but msn anymore....though like dru, sometimes sighting me on msn is like sighting rare and
2006.Nov.12, 04:09 AM
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lol, ive actually had a fair amount of online time lately on msn. Last few years ive almost never turned of msn or puter, but these last months after im stuck with a mere laptop ive had to cut down alot of online time Sad

Key to success: "Dress everyday like you're gonna get murdered in those clothes.