Training Tips from Seven Laws!
2008.Sep.08, 10:36 PM
Training Tips from Seven Laws!
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Warning.. there are some simple math involve in here. If you are not good at math, here is the summary.


"Amount of energy per train", Donator Status, Endurance, Housing, and gym trainer will increase your total gym train gain per energy.


NOTE: This is an approximation generated from normal play. As far as the actual % or math calculation, only the game creator would know.

Tips # 1:
Donator will get 150% increase in gym training in compare to non-donor.

Plus, donor status will also get close to 2 times the amount of energy gain in compare to non-donor.

If you are serious about getting strong, buy the donator pack daily with your crime money. Or, simply donate Real Cash to buy the donator status.

Tips #2:
ONE endurance will increase your gym gain by approximately 2.5% ratio.

What is Ratio?
"Developed Points from gym train" Divided by "Energy used" = a Gain Ratio.

For instance:
If you use 35 energy and u gained 28 dev point from the gym, your ratio is 80%. In simple math, 28/35 = 0.80,

Tips #3:
A house that increase your happiness by 10 will give you around 1% increase in your gym gain ratio.

Tips #4:
Trainer provide a temporary gym train gain in the following manner.

$10 bucks trainer equal to around 10% increase in gym gain.
$20 bucks trainer equal to around 15% increase in gym gain.
$40 bucks trainer equal to around 20% increase in gym gain.

How do I calculate ratio increase?
Energy Times "Gain Ratio" is the approximation value.

Example: 35 energy times 0.82 is 28.7 dev point.

How come the Dev Pt value is off?
There are a small randomness in gym training result.

What's better? House or Endurance?
100 happiness is equal to 4 endurance. Whichever cost cheaper, get that first. But, you also have to factor in equipment requirement. Sometime, you just need that end to equip that armor or weapon you wanted.

More Rare Tips are ONLY available at Seven Laws Gang.

2008.Sep.08, 11:00 PM
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Thanks Zeon, now I feel stupid.
2008.Sep.08, 11:09 PM
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Glad that I would help. I think many players can benefit from this.

haha.. if you were in 7Laws, this tips has been available in the gang for a while. Smile

2008.Sep.08, 11:21 PM
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Thanks for the tips! They really helped me understand gym statting better. Smile
2008.Sep.09, 06:45 AM
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zeons the man! he taught me how to gain more development points per train! (without using a trainer)

kick the real world in the sac
2008.Sep.09, 10:22 PM
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Thanks Zeon! I finally know how to get more development points!
2008.Sep.09, 11:07 PM
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As a donator you only get about %75 precent more when training resitance. Energy refresh is no were near double, you only get a couple more ep every 5 minutes.
2008.Sep.10, 07:45 AM
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Thanks for your suggested changes. However, I beg the different.

thatthingufear Wrote:As a donator you only get about %75 precent more when training resitance.

Whenever you train resistance, you will only get 2/3 or 66.67 percent of dev pt from what you normally get. If you get a donator status, you will get a 150% boost of that 66.67 percent. Nothing changes.

thatthingufear Wrote:Energy refresh is no were near double, you only get a couple more ep every 5 minutes.

As far as energy goes, here is the formula posted by Zen.

NON-Donator refresh @ 8%
"If you have not donated, your energy refreshes at a rate of exactly 8% of your maximum energy, rounded." Zenith

Donator refresh @ 15.4%
"If you have donated, and selected a donator pack with your credits, your energy refreshes at 15.4%, rounded." Zenith

15.4% is a almost double of 8% refresh rate in my book.

2008.Nov.05, 10:44 AM
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thanks zeon!
now i know better how to train myself Biggrin
thanks for the tips Smile
2008.Nov.05, 10:45 AM
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tip #2

join seven laws

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