Game Updates for June 2008
2008.Jul.01, 12:09 AM
Game Updates for June 2008
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  • Fixed formatting bug with armor list. Armor list now lists all armors and where they can be purchased.
  • Added "Consumables" list for all medical and food items.
  • Added "Stat Ratings" list.
  • Added "Experience Points" list.
  • Gang list page no longer displays inactive gangs. Active gangs with 3 or more players are listed at the top. Gangs with under 3 members are listed underneath.

  • Estate agency page now shows all housing instead of all housing outside of your location at the bottom of the list.

  • Due to a bug, Internet Explorer Mobile 6 and derivatives have an inability to show the images on the Jail page. I've reverted it back to words.

  • Fixed unintentional reimplementation of hospitalization bonus code for too many attacks against the same opponent.

  • Fixed unintentional reimplementation of jail code for too many attacks against the same opponent.

  • Added "Retirement District" to the view profile page for players who moved on and took their ball with them.

  • Made the enemy list show the top 5 ACTIVE enemies instead of the old-timers.

  • The Balazar gang came back from a trip overseas with an interesting new stock of Ares-killer armor shielding. Make sure you check out Argyles Armory when you get a chance.
  • Improved energy-belt protection for all belts.

  • Fixed issue where enemy lists were showing levels of Admins and NPCs.
  • Added an Expert Trainer to the gym at $50 per energy point for players with 6 reputation.
  • Fixed login-issue where players on verizon phones sometimes would need to log in more than once due to Verizon proxy settings.

  • Slight tweak to the friend/enemy lists.
  • Cleaner-looking icons.

  • Changed the Crime Logs page to show more data while improving it's performance. Should have more juicy details and be much faster to load. However, the drawback is it's only updated once per day (midnight server time).

  • Fixed bug with the Medic career special ability to reduce hospital times for gang-members. Previously it was only listing non-borgs who had cyberware and not listing players with no cyberware at all.

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