weapons equipped
2006.Oct.02, 11:21 AM
weapons equipped
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always have the best weapon you have equipped, say if you have a t-350 and a knife then you wouldnt equip the knife, thats an extreme case but you should have the weapon equipped that you can cause the most damager with, so if you have a titanium walkajworijoainrolilzdn and a colt manhunter II then you should just equip the colt manhunter as the titanim walkajworijoainrolilzdn doesnt cause as much damage as the colt manhunter II, if you are attacked when offline it means you are fighting with your best weapon.
2006.Oct.25, 08:20 AM
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i see what u mean, use the weapon that causes the most damage ooohhh.
2006.Oct.30, 02:27 PM
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just use the toughest weapon and strongest weapon for the worst damage !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :? Biggrin Smile Sad :o :shock: 8) lol :x Razz :oops: :cry: Evil Twisted :roll: :wink: :!: :?: Idea Arrow
2006.Nov.02, 04:25 PM
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if someone can please tell me how to get experiance by email id3005 :? :? :? :? :? [/img][/quote]
2006.Nov.02, 11:39 PM
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attack other people, bust people out of jail, do crime, train in gym (although training in gym only gives 2-4xp)

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2007.Feb.01, 11:05 AM
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I'm not sure I understand, if i have a knife and a gun, why wouldnt i equip the melee weapon as the knife or katana and equip my gun as my ranged weapon.......please explain

are you saying to not equip my melee?
2007.Feb.01, 11:39 AM
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It's like the old expression, "bringing a knife to a gun fight". The most powerful weapon you have is the one you want to equip. If you are in an actual battle, are you going to drop your most powerful weapon to use a weaker one?

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2007.Feb.01, 11:46 AM
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It just randomly chooses which weapon to use, so you don't want to randomly choose your weak weapon in fight.
2007.Feb.01, 01:02 PM
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i realize the combat code has already been painstakingly rewritten by mr. err, which i am very appreciative off, as it truly is a lot better.

it would be cool tho if during the course of a fight, every round a check could be made to see if the combatants are close or far. if far, and you only have a melee and hit, maybe you only do half damage (and vice versa).

this would make it more advantageous to actually carry both types of weapons
2007.Feb.01, 10:48 PM
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my point exactly, you should be able to equip different weapons for different types of combat...knifes and fists for close quarters and guns for any kind of distance