weapons equipped
2007.Feb.06, 09:09 PM
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ok...old(er) dog learning a new trick here.....

so you're saying that if you have both a melee AND a ranged weapon equipped
(ie sword for melee and remington950 for ranged) it will pick one of those 2 RANDOMLY when defending in combat?????

*runs off to unequip the equivelent of a pipecleaner from his character*
2007.Feb.13, 12:28 AM
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gtoofs Wrote:my point exactly, you should be able to equip different weapons for different types of combat...knifes and fists for close quarters and guns for any kind of distance

Maybe we should open a missile store with missiles at ungodly prices so we can attack the people in different districts too.
2007.Feb.13, 12:35 AM
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hahaha. chemical, biological or nuclear.?

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2007.Mar.13, 10:50 AM
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so if youre attacked, u randomly choose which weapon equipped will be used ryt? so i dont equip a melee but i have a gun. is it possible that when im attacked i randomly use my fists instead?? Biggrin lol
2007.Mar.13, 11:23 AM
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No you will use whatever weapon you have equipped
2007.Mar.14, 08:14 AM
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a ok.. thnx 4 d info Biggrin
2007.Apr.01, 02:27 PM
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I hate all of you with this idea! Evil

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2007.Apr.01, 03:08 PM
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yes, which ever you have the most chance of success with will be used in defense, even if you have a melee and ranged equipped. Used to, we had to train both because it was random, but not anymore.
2007.Dec.15, 02:27 PM
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really i would just use a gun on both close and long distance combat it will blow as big a hole
2008.Sep.04, 11:22 AM
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LOL Twisted