T-450 against Hideouts
2008.Jun.18, 07:36 AM
T-450 against Hideouts
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I was wondering what the range of damage this gun does against hideouts.
2008.Jun.18, 07:38 AM
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2008.Jun.18, 07:44 AM
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LikeWhoa Wrote:1-50
lol, thanks was really wondering How consistent it was.
2008.Jun.18, 07:59 AM
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It's crap. I'm doing whatever I can to get an upgrade. T-450 sucks in gang wars.
2008.Jun.18, 08:01 AM
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i second that..the highest i have done is 43..average around 20
2008.Jun.18, 08:03 AM
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Of course if you have skills that help with hits you can probablly get some good hits out of it. Personally though I think it's one of the worst weapons to use in war. Very inconsistent.
2008.Jun.18, 08:06 AM
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Thanks, this what i am finding out with the T-350, in wars sucks, battles much better.
2008.Jun.18, 08:47 AM
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ya..in pvp the t450 kicks some pretty good a** though
2008.Jun.18, 08:57 AM
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my highest with the 450 is only 42 in pvp 619

2008.Jun.18, 09:23 AM
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yea its inconsistant, i remember givin a 50 dmg hit to a hideout but then again you gotta factor in the skill and i ran a blue print hideout thing from one of the career ablilities.