Poll: What is your impression of Theafers?
They are a good bunch of people.
They are a bunch of bullies that pick on the weak
Never really dealt with them.
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Public Opinion Poll: Theafers
2006.Sep.24, 08:27 AM
Post: #21
i say give the weaker gangs time 2 build up.only cowards pick on the weak.
2006.Sep.24, 10:37 AM
Post: #22
lol i remember i nealy got both KAOS factions wiped out when i though Janus was a new indipendant gang. The former Dr No when he was head of S.P.E.C.T.R.E. soon showed me the error of my ways. Then seeing how weak we were the invunerable Disposable Heroes decided that we were going down. Luckily my stupidity was forviven and everythings fine now (i hope) as it was a long long time ago. Now im cautious before declaring on any other gangs... exept my own gangs sister gangs.

All i can say is if ur gonna war someone, make sure they got no chance to beat u and make sure that they got no secret alliances. The only reason i didnt go to war with them was so a bigger gang didnt give me "a piece of my own medine"
2006.Sep.24, 01:19 PM
Post: #23
lol...i remember that...that was fun

maybe slightly less for kaos, bet comon, we were a civilized gang and knew when to quit Razz
2006.Sep.24, 01:46 PM
Post: #24
Yes war lesser gags for their respect but dont destroy them

Thats why i like ovenmitt, even though i deserved it he didnt destroy my gang and get me hospitalised for all time by couchmonkey
2006.Sep.24, 02:20 PM
Post: #25
LuiIce Wrote:i say give the weaker gangs time 2 build up.only cowards pick on the weak.

I think you might be a little biased!
2006.Sep.24, 03:31 PM
Post: #26
o great S.P.E.C.T.R.E. have declared war on us again. I havnt even touched Janus this time
2006.Sep.24, 03:37 PM
Post: #27
well that was an easy 10K for them
2006.Sep.24, 10:11 PM
Post: #28
I would like to clarify things before the rogue faction thing goes into its own, I had a discussion with my gang, 4 of 5 had thought it was a good idea, I email Koor and told him what I was doing. After all said and done, I had some real enemies on my hands, the trash talking was not any good, I am a respectful player and I strive for the best out of all my members. I lead they follow, I have a higher HQ and I know now that I have to speak to the clan before I start an all out war. As for the rogue faction part of my gang, Southside is nothing like that and would like to set the record straight before things get out of hand, I spoke to my members they said good idea and I made an executive desicision. I will take blame for that, but under no circumstance will I allow you to tell me that me and my gang defected. I refuse.
2006.Sep.24, 11:00 PM
Post: #29
you defected.
2006.Sep.25, 04:43 AM
Post: #30
Isn't a true theafer? Since I am in the S Theafers, could you please educate me on this. OK, I guess what I'm asking is I would like a history of the Theafer Gangs. ex Which one was first. Which is the "True" Theafer. I'm learning things I didn't know before!

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