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2006.Sep.23, 05:09 PM
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Well what happened with three 6 mafia was that we saw 2 medium gangs jump on a gang comprised of two level 1's, and a level 4. So being the kind folks that we are, we decided to help the little man. We declared war on the two aggressors, only to have Glacier declare war on our weakest gang. So we declared on them as well.

We accepted surrenders from Pimpstars and Three 6 mafia since they hadn't attacked us, but due to Glacier's aggression toward us, we were wanting to teach them a lesson. However the lesson went awry, since they had so few respect left, I thought it would be funny to accept their surrender when they were at 1 respect. However, when I had them down to 3 respect, one of my theafers logged on destroyed their gang and then found out my plan. Oops.

As for our attacks on Three 6 again, I noticed them attacking FEAR again, so I declared. They surrendered again. I accepted. Then I noticed they had declared war on Eastside, so they were declared on with no chance of survival.
2006.Sep.24, 01:12 AM
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i think it needs saying that a theafer clan also was quick in jumping FEAR

for my part, i wanted to shake up my members and get them to attack more, not wars, but my way to do it was just to pick a gang and then have my players try out attacking. Few other gangs saw this, including a theafer gang, and jumped in. I would never drag FEAR through the mud and disband their gang, i just wanted to let my gang be more active on that front. To make them attack more so they level up faster.

well anyway, after the theafer gang declared war on FEAR, some other theafers thought "hey lets fight for the weak, and get respect while we're at it." and sure, soon enough eirikur and some other fella hospitalized the Fear people to keep them out of grasp of my members. and then proceeded to beat up my members over and over. and then he kept me in the hospital after i went to bed.

To keep on topic after the topic of this thread. You stayed out of the competition made by the elders. You knew that you had no chance of winning, and decided that you werent even gonna try. donno, seems to me like you were the only one that coulda given BK a run for their money. with solid teamwork you coulda attacked darkenswrath in waves of two people and hospitalized her, and then picked of their weakest links. but no, you stayed out to conserve 20 respect.

but you can attack a gang with 3 members none of them higher leveled then 6, with 4gangs of 5man or more each.

basically wolverines, us, three 6 mafia, coulda been told of easy, if that was the point. You coulda sent me a mail saying "stop picking on the weak or i will hospitalize you and your gang until you stop", cause HEY YES! im a reasonable guy. instead you choose to do the same we did.

however you graciously accepted my surrender. but i think i did a bad thing attacking FEAR and you did a bad thing gangin up on us, when you had us outmatched with just one gang.

hopefully next time ill be ready for something like this, and can use my prized gun.

wow, long post
2006.Sep.24, 01:49 AM
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heh.. well what happened there was that Southside, lead by a gangleader who isn't a true theafer, saw you guys all jumping a weak gang and attacked as well. Before he had attacked I'd been speaking to my other gangs about defending the little man, only to discover I had a rogue faction in my midst. I told southside that all declarations of war have to be cleared with the other theafers leaders, and that failure to do so could result in the loss of the theafers name, and war with other theafer gangs. It royally made me mad seeing that one our lowest level gang had acted on their own and attacked the target I had been rallying to protect.

Ganging up in this game against a higher level/ skilled player doesn't work well. The whole 50% health thing is what ruins it in war.. so basically if you cant' do over 50% damage to someone, there's no way you can beat them, even when working with others to do so.

As for why we war.. sometimes like you said, it is fun to just find a reason and go with it. Perhaps Zenith could come up with some sort of "turf" that we could all fight over... maybe three landmarks that would work as items that would attach a flag to the gang that holds them. No gang can hold more than one, and that turf would do something along the lines of boosting happiness regen, or raising happiness by 50. Attacking a gang who held turf would make a struggle for it. Perhaps she could even code it so that each turf had a level range to it, and that the average level of a gang determined whether or not it could control that turf. That would stir up the stagnant gang pool..
2006.Sep.24, 01:53 AM
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yeah thats a brilliant idea Luparkoor.
2006.Sep.24, 02:02 AM
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*pats self on back*
2006.Sep.24, 02:20 AM
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i think the main reason that we stayed out of the competition is that we would be a valid threat to bad kids and therefore would have been concentrated on and picked off early. we are strong enough to be troublesome to them, but not strong enough to beat them.
2006.Sep.24, 03:04 AM
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yeah maybe, hopefully everyone will participate for the fun of it next time
2006.Sep.24, 03:32 AM
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i have no idea what is a theafer?is there any rules?
i think hunting ppl for exp only is acceptable,and i used to attack ppl whos lvl is lower than mine,
but as i got good weapons,i am trying to attack high lvl ppl for exp.
2006.Sep.24, 06:45 AM
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Druchii Wrote:hopefully next time ill be ready for something like this, and can use my prized gun.

wow, long post

yea, long postg no kidding....dam n if it were up to me id war you for making me read all of tha.

go eagles

and not those ghey boston college eagles either Biggrin
2006.Sep.24, 06:59 AM
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noblebandit Wrote:4 gangs vs 1 gang w/ 3 members...too bad for t6m...that's life...a survival of the fittest... how come their allies don't help them?

cos wed get owned by all the theafers