2006.Oct.29, 12:07 PM
Post: #11
lol! you COULD earn money, alright...i earned 9 dollars for buying the squatters hovel at 990 and sold it for 999! lol
2006.Nov.01, 05:09 PM
Post: #12
need house bad only have 1143 help lev 3 experice 39
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2006.Nov.01, 11:55 PM
Post: #13
well then, train ALOT of dex, then start doing pickpocketting and work your way from there. no easy way.
2007.Feb.14, 10:47 AM
about selling property
Post: #14
hey.. question.. if u buy a house lets say worth 3k(exmple only), wud u get 3k back if u sell it?? unlike in weapons where u only get maybe 40% of its original price?
2007.Feb.14, 01:06 PM
Post: #15
You get back the amount the house is going for at the time (example you buy a house for 3k and a week later it's going for 2800, you will only get 2800 for selling it)

If God is our father, you thought, then Satan must be our cousin
2007.Feb.14, 05:43 PM
Post: #16
ow? i didnt notice the prices change from time 2 time.. lol tnx for d info! Smile
2007.Apr.01, 09:29 AM
Post: #17
what does LMAO mean
2007.Apr.01, 11:06 AM
Post: #18
wow you posted in the back of this thread after 2 months to ask that? hopefully thats an april fools joke

laughin my arse off
2007.Apr.16, 01:58 PM
Post: #19
I always thought it meant, "Lick Me All Over" :roll:
2007.Apr.16, 02:52 PM
Post: #20
it was an april fools and that was funny LLickin Me All over"