I want a gang.
2006.Sep.19, 02:32 PM
I want a gang.
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I Want A Gang. I Am Only Level One Now But I Think I Will Advance Quickly Through The Game. If You Want Please Comment.
2006.Sep.19, 02:41 PM
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Well you look mighty capable with the shift button, so you have that going for you. And any gang that likes the shift button that much would be mad not too take you on.

Good luck. (Not that you need it, you're doing great, keep it up)

ps: here's some nice reading for newbies


ps2: dont be afraid to use shift alot when mailing random people and asking for help

ps3: dont be afraid to use the shift to its FULL potential if you feel like mailing me with a high cultured request for help or something like that uh huh

(adds newbie to milk route)
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