New Forum Moderator - Sam I Am (He's Back)
2006.Sep.14, 02:56 PM
New Forum Moderator - Sam I Am (He's Back)
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I want to officially welcome Sam I Am to our staff as a forum moderator.

Sam I Am has been with us almost since the beginning, and was actually the very first player-donator to the game. He will be keeping an eye on our forums to make sure things are running like a well-oiled machine while myself and Err focus more on our development duties.

Please note, this doesn't mean he can hook people up with stats, items, or cash in-game, so hold off on bombarding him with requests. Razz

Zenith [2]
Game Creator and Admin
2006.Sep.14, 03:37 PM
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Congrats Sam.
2006.Sep.14, 04:31 PM
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Congrats! Biggrin
2006.Sep.15, 10:03 AM
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Congrats Sam Biggrin Biggrin
2006.Sep.15, 12:32 PM
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goodbye Tobith

greetings Sam I Am, congratz
2006.Sep.17, 12:16 PM
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This is a HUGE mistake.. Sure.. Tobith seems like a nice guy, but give him any power whatsoever and he becomes a tyrant who rules with an iron fist!

*dodges an Iron fist*
2006.Sep.18, 11:36 AM
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What do you think of the new avatar Koor?

[Image: rule_with_an_iron_fist.jpg]
2006.Sep.18, 12:12 PM
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2009.Jan.12, 03:00 PM
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He's back in the mix! Welcome back!

Zenith [2]
Game Creator and Admin
2009.Jan.12, 03:01 PM
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Welcome back..good to have some of the first players come back.