New Forum Moderator - Sam I Am (He's Back)
2009.Jan.12, 03:02 PM
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Holy bump! Welcome back! Biggrin

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2009.Jan.12, 03:14 PM
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thats def an old thread...welcome back man....maybe you can keep chance in line Smile

2009.Jan.12, 03:56 PM
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Welcome back, your dreams are your ticket out!

9:42 pm
New! WilliamR (aka Punisher) attacked you and lost.

3:07 am
New! Howl attacked you and lost.
8:53 pm Conrad attacked you and lost.
2009.Jan.12, 04:19 PM
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g2o2d4wp Wrote:Welcome back, your dreams are your ticket out!

Ummm..... Thanks....... I think :?
2009.Jan.12, 04:23 PM
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You still didn't thank me for telling you where your bottled water was.
2009.Jan.12, 04:23 PM
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Welcome your hamster arse back...or guinee pig or whatever...!

I smoke like a chimney, matta fact I smoke like a gun when the killer sees his enemy
2009.Jan.12, 04:24 PM
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Been a while sam! Welcome back!
2009.Jan.12, 04:25 PM
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Never really knew ya, but good for you. =D
2009.Jan.12, 06:31 PM
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Welcome. Biggrin

Who gives a drek.
2009.Jan.12, 06:43 PM
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WB Dude!!! Biggrin

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steve says
steve says
you sure got some big chesticles, howl