Calling All Gangs! - Win Money
2006.Sep.18, 11:56 AM
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SPECTRE is at 80, but my photobucket keeps crashing can someone screenshot it
2006.Sep.18, 11:57 AM
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it is recorded....they are out
2006.Sep.18, 03:05 PM
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yea 4th place, not too bad

shame we dnt win anythin Sad
2006.Sep.18, 03:19 PM
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whats up with KAOS brothers, ther not surrendering to anyone

I think il call it a night
Quote:1554 GM666666 10 583 min Needed a refresher course with Bubba!
2006.Sep.19, 06:49 AM
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666666 Wrote:coulds you have an award for the player of the war because i think Darkenswrath deserves one

Just so everyone knows, Darkenswrath had 55 wins and no losses!!! :shock:
2006.Sep.19, 09:49 AM
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Well sorry that I didn't send out any surrenders but I'm on once a day at awakened lands, I'm quite busy in the real world.
2006.Sep.19, 10:44 AM
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Congrats to the Bad Kidz for winning the Battle of the Gangs. They went heads up against the Babiez and forced them to surrender. The Babiez finished second and the Red Scorpions got third. Darkenswrath was awarded competiton MVP for going 55-0 and pretty much carrying the Kidz into the finals.

Thanks to everyone who participated, and to Sam and Sarge for helping out and donating some nice items, and OvenMitt also for donating his flail. I hope everyone had fun and I am sure we will do it again soon.