Total Crime Jail Minutes 666
2006.Sep.11, 01:20 PM
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i dont understand the reason y ure in either, how did u do it :? :? :? :? :?
2006.Sep.12, 12:59 AM
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i just fancied visiting bubba and got mistaken for a prisoner
2006.Sep.13, 05:04 AM
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congrads on your newfound freedom. whats it like to see daylight again?
2006.Sep.13, 05:18 AM
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*notices 666666 emerge from the prison, walking oddly..*

2006.Sep.13, 06:31 AM
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2006.Sep.13, 06:39 AM
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sadly because i am back in school now i cant go in the game and change my name back, i can only go on the forums.

It just isnt the same not being in jail. I think il do it again tonight
2006.Sep.13, 07:16 AM
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Which brings up a question for Zenith...

Do convicts get paid for their jobs?
2006.Sep.13, 10:01 AM
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sadly i was doing a bit of gambling before i got put in jail, i forgot to deposit all of my money and now iv lost about 7k from it