Total Crime Jail Minutes 666
2006.Sep.07, 11:34 AM
Post: #11
i cant resist going back in for one of bubbas barbies, he makes the best burgers u could ever eat
2006.Sep.07, 05:34 PM
Post: #12

he slips the patty inbetween the 2 buns Wink

if u get wat i mean Twisted Twisted
2006.Sep.08, 11:44 AM
Post: #13
im trying to get the easy "achievements" in this game. If i can call them that. I got the top poster in the forums Biggrin wooo. Got the most enemies in game Biggrin wooo again. Now im trying for most time in jail, not as aeasy as i thought it would be. At least im on the pantheon of imfamy for it... wooo Biggrin
2006.Sep.08, 11:51 AM
Post: #14
does fed jail add to jail time, if it does il have to try real hard not to break a rule. Actually nar id never break a rule delibrately on this game
2006.Sep.08, 12:06 PM
Post: #15
ROFL.. if u want more times... do the crimes u still cant do Wink
2006.Sep.08, 02:55 PM
Post: #16
i just fail those and dont get jailed
2006.Sep.08, 04:23 PM
Post: #17
rofl... >.>
2006.Sep.09, 04:20 PM
Post: #18
omg im in for 730 minutes rofl. new record for me.

Question to zen: whats the longest jail time anyones had?
2006.Sep.09, 04:27 PM
Post: #19
2538 min now. wooow
2006.Sep.09, 04:29 PM
Post: #20
4831 min,

i think il stop....... in jail for a few days. well im getting my refresher course all right