Ideas that are repeated often and doesnt need to be repeated
2007.Dec.01, 07:44 PM
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yea i'm cool with that. it sounds entertaining
2007.Dec.12, 01:58 PM
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you can add whining about the new war code to your list

as far as posting Bunk answers. read the threads. most people already do that.
2008.Jan.09, 12:16 PM
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you left "eliminate the retirement district" off of your list. How come?

Down with Wimpyland!

More importantly, the reason these things are repeated often is that most are never addressed by management.
2008.Jan.09, 12:18 PM
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can someone please justify the importance of the retirement district?
2008.Jan.09, 05:37 PM
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a few of the things mentioned in this thread have been gifted.

::throws stink bomb::

2008.Jan.09, 05:58 PM
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druchii usually defends it, but since he has not responded yet, i think i will do it for him

Druchii: If you want to retire and wish to make everyone suffer from your absence, and despite the fact that you lose little to no EXP from getting attacked, you should have the option to go to the retirement district because its your character, therefore your choice.

Even though being attacked while inactive is only a benefit to everyone else and doesn't hurt you, it's your choice to be the jerk that makes that decision
2008.Jan.09, 06:04 PM
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WOW. Word for word. lol lol lol lol lol
2008.Jan.10, 04:01 AM
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Yes, exactly. Although I don't randomly put myself down.

Retirement district is the peoples way here of "deleting the character", but in Awakened Lands you have the option to come back after you have quit playing.

Key to success: "Dress everyday like you're gonna get murdered in those clothes.
2008.Jan.10, 07:10 AM
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i wasnt insulting you. being the jerk who makes that decision = the jerk who decides to go to the retirement district
2008.Mar.17, 04:44 PM
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So, Quat - I'm just trying to understand - you're saying the retirement district is for stupid jerks?