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Full Version: Ideas that are repeated often and doesnt need to be repeated
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Auction, we already have a trade section and item market dedicated to this.

Gang storage for items, if it hasn't happened yet it wont.-*complete*

Enhancing drugs

Vice-Presidents declaring war, and please don't do another poll.*complete*

Gang mass mails format modifications.*complete*

Prison riots, people hardly stay in jail more then 10minuts these days anyhow.

Fighting in prisons

New and improved crimes*complete*

Different classes in school*complete*

Removing retirement district (oh god no more polls)*almost complete*

What other ideas have been repeated a lot?


EDIT: no more VPs


Gang mass mails format modifications. Seen a few topics about that.


Different crimes/classes in school.


it's still fun to talk about it. it gives me something to do while i sit in jail or the the hospital for usually 60+ mins


maybe you'd be better off spending that time reading the topics that have already been beaten to death.


my computers not too fast so its easier to check "posts since my last visit"


my computers not too fast so its easier to check "posts since my last visit"


I don't think it really matters how many times these ideas or repeated. You're NOT going to stop a newb from repeating the issues, so you're pretty much gonna have to deal with it.


maybe time to start giving bunk answers to repeated topics.

the more recent it was repeated, the bunker the reply.
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