2007.Nov.07, 11:53 PM
Post: #11
ummm so when you mug someone they get mugged for EVERYTHING theyre holding? i honesnty cant imagine being able to mug soemoen for a whole 200k everytime ive mugged someone i was lucky to walk away with 50 bucks lol
2007.Nov.08, 12:31 AM
Post: #12
yea, my record was $635, but I kept hitting him, and hitting him, and hitting him and ended up with a few k.

but I dont think they would have gotten the full 200k
2007.Nov.08, 06:38 AM
Post: #13
i think the first time you mug someone you get like 40-55% of what that player has; and i think it may depend on the attacker's level
2007.Nov.08, 08:10 AM
Post: #14
neh.. i think it is 10% u get everytime.. or less..
but if u mug all the time u can get almost all of the money Razz
2007.Nov.08, 08:17 AM
Post: #15
let's test it
2007.Nov.08, 06:59 PM
Post: #16
lol.. now i am down to cardboard box Sad

this is how i got here:
- 100k in bank
- degrade from townhouse to bunglow
- send 200k to him

the weapon shows up in item market

- degrade from bunglow to cardboard box
- buy weapon
- 3k in bank

2007.Nov.08, 07:20 PM
Post: #17
HMMMM, doesn't sound like anybody is rude right now, right?????? Sounds like the wep found it's way where it needed to go after all.
2007.Nov.08, 07:23 PM
Post: #18
yiiihaahh ! .. silversurfer is back on.. and he said he will give me the money back Biggrin .. he is truely very kind Biggrin .. i will send u the money u sent to try and help.. i really appreciate ur kindness Smile