2007.Oct.19, 10:41 PM
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I got a question on the different variety of cyberware. If you pay more money for the cyberware near the bottom of the page does that mean it's better or it gets more upgrades? Also out of all the cyberware thats there which is the best to choose?
2007.Oct.20, 05:27 AM
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Each of the cyberware's are equivalent to each other (Accuracy for Accuracy; Dexterity for Dexterity; etc) They just cost different humanity points which is the BIG key on choosing the price range.

As for which type (Acc, Dex, Res or Str) that is totally up to the player because of how they set up their character.
If you want to be good with Ranged weapons, either Acc or Dex.
If you want to be good with Melee weapons, either Dex or Str.
If you want to receive less damage in combat, Resistance.

These are just some ideas and are NOT "written in stone" ways. Mix them up! That is what individualizes each character. Smile

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2007.Oct.20, 10:49 AM
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If you decide to pay more for the cultured cyberware, then you will later on find out that you can upgrade it more than the other stuff. However, no matter which type of cyberware that you decide to purchase, you will always gain +1 in the battle statistic that you decide to boost. Now, as for which is the best type, personally, I would have to go with the cultured cyberware. Upgrading this can take quite some time, but in the long run, once you get the ball rolling, you can upgrade it more times than the other stuff. Well, it may cost more money, but it costs less humanity. So, I guess that it comes down to whether you value humanity over money or not. Lastly, try to remember that no matter which option that you decide to choose, they will always have their pros and cons, so never try to feel that you made the wrong decision.
2007.Oct.20, 11:36 AM
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Try and do the most expensive ones first. It's that easy. You can't really go wrong with cybers, unless you buy the cheap ones first.

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2007.Oct.20, 11:37 AM
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Ushanewnewba Wrote:Try and do the most expensive ones first. It's that easy. You can't really go wrong with cybers, unless you buy the cheap ones first.
Why do you always remind me of my old mistakes?!?!?! Sad
2007.Oct.20, 01:29 PM
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Because he made the same ones.

Now everyone is talking about humanity, that's your ability to heal and refresh your happiness. Low humanity = really slow healing.

But like everyone else has said it's up the the player to decide which way to go. You gain .01 humanity a day, and .10 per level so you can work out the cost to regain over time/levels.
2007.Oct.20, 05:59 PM
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I personally prefer the name brand cybers to the blue light specials.