Repaired damage
2007.Sep.15, 01:47 PM
Repaired damage
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does the amount of points u repair to your hideout during a war decrease as the gang defens rating decreases??

did u understand what i mean?
2007.Sep.15, 03:21 PM
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I think what you mean is does your ability to repair go down as the health of your hideout goes down?

I don't think so, if you repair on average for 10hp, then even if you are at critical or excellent you will still repair for 10hp on average.

Hope that was what you meant.
2007.Sep.15, 04:37 PM
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yes that is what i meant..but my gang was in a war and i defended the hideout

the first two times i repaired 15 and 14 damage and after few refreshes, 2 i think, i repaired only 7 points and the gang defense rating was lower this time
2007.Sep.15, 05:16 PM
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always remember the random factor. Same reason you might attack for 43 once and then attack for 1 a few seconds later. zen likes to keep things random.