2006.Aug.22, 03:27 AM
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August 22 2006, 1:36:44 am You have been compensated for a game bug for Beginning Computers 60 and gained 5 accuracy!

Why do I get accuracy for doing a computer coarse?
2006.Aug.22, 04:19 AM
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it reflects your ability to correctly target and press the right keys?
2006.Aug.22, 04:41 AM
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2006.Aug.22, 10:07 AM
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You laugh, but he's on the right track.

Zenith [2]
Game Creator and Admin
2006.Aug.22, 11:15 AM
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i just think its funny the way he said it
2006.Aug.22, 11:18 AM
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i know thats why you get accuracy, im not laughing at what he said merely how he put it
2006.Aug.22, 11:22 AM
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666666 you have a high noise to signal ratio.
2006.Aug.25, 05:55 PM
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I believe that when you successfully completed the course, your typing skills improved a little bit, thus converting in to accuracy. You could of also gained that accuracy by getting better at copying, moving files, every day computer stuff on the operating system. May be a combination of both? I believe that some one knows.

2006.Aug.28, 09:45 AM
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whats this post about?
2006.Aug.28, 02:20 PM
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hi everyone