CASANOVA Tell it like it is
2006.Aug.21, 02:46 PM
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why attack me then? im only lvl 9
2006.Aug.21, 02:53 PM
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Wow. A lot of bitterness abounds here. I am trying to understand why the game elders (as I will call those called out by Casanova) are so unhappy with Casanova, other than he spent a lot of money and time to get to the top of the game.

I have signed on to large numbers of attacks from Casanova. I was one of his prime targets because my level is high relative to my stats. I have been attacked many times by all the elders (at least the ones not in my gang family) but mostly by Casanova. To me, it seems that nobody else attacks as much, which explains his level.

What I don't understand is why that makes you (the elders) unhappy? If you are online when he attacks you, I can understand that. That makes me unhappy too. Just today he attacked me online and hospitalized me. He apologised for the attack and he immediately sent me a stim pack to get out of the hospital. I was ok with that.

I can see the OS folks being unhappy about being attacked, if you didn't agree to attack each other (my gang doesn't attack each other unless expressly given permission by the gang member). This seems to me to be not the case, as I have seen them lose to each other before (This might be by permission, so I an only going by my visual clues in the hospital). I can't even imagine a reason for Chris to be angry with Casanova (from a game mechanics point of view).

All this assumes no communication between the people talked about. I am sure that there must be some "interesting" emails between these parties.

As I stated in my open letter, I feel free to attack anyone offline, given the rules of my gang family (*smile*). I also will never complain if I am attacked while I am offline. Both of these assume being left, and not hospitalized or mugged. Should I accidently attack someone online, or when offline, mug or hospitalize them, I expect an email asking for an explanation as to why I would do that. 99% of the time it will be a mistake and I will attempt to repair the damage as well as I can. I will do the same should it happen to me.

Casanova, I won't attack you if our gangs are not at war. If we are at war, then I expect to be attacked as I will attack you. Smile

To the game elders, I hope that we can all get past the personal stuff and have fun with the game. Casanova has given all of us something to shoot for, namely him. Have fun in the chase, even if you can't catch him. He will grow bored at some point. Being on top is a false grail. It is the hunt that truely makes women and men.
2006.Aug.21, 03:07 PM
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Is it really possible for me to feel bad about Casanova now? I guess so. Everyone is picking on him...

I guess I started the whole fiasco. I attacked him and put him in the hospital for 20 minutes last night while he was online. I told him in mail that people were upset that he was throttling them with attacks.

Now I regret it. I am not envious or jealous that he passed us in level. He obviously likes to play our game, and I do mean OUR game. Without Casanova here, it actually get a little stale.

But with that said, I hate signing on and seeing 6 swipes at me from the same person every half hour. I can't talk for everyone here, but I am sure they aren't to thrilled with it either. We all enjoy the game one way or another. I like to train stats, he likes to level, blah blah. Just keep in mind that fighting is part of the game, but overdoing things can ruin the fun for others.

Perhaps we are all guilty now of attacking at a relentless pace, but this time with words instead of game combat. Perhaps we need to realize it is a game and not take things personally.
2006.Aug.21, 03:14 PM
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I wanted to address 666666's question about being level 9 and being attacked.

Most of us don't have lots of free cash lying around to move zones freely. Almost all of us were brought up, so to speak, on the $1000 ticket to a new zone, so we stayed still come heck or high water. I just noticed the change last week (late last week).

I'll use me as an example here. I was in Industrial. I was there to try to measure myself against another player. I didn't want to spend the money to move, as I am saving for a house. So I had to attack whoever was the highest level in the zone that I could defeat. Usually there was one higher level player in the zone, and there was a big drop off to the next level of player. So I had to attack level 8's because that was all that was left for me. (Sorry Joey and Vamp if you were unhappy about that).

The best way to avoid being attacked a lot is to have your stats be too high for your level. If you ONLY train, and do no crimes or attacks, you could be level 1 with the best stats in the game (assuming you donate a couple thousand dollars). This is an extreme example, but I think you get my point.

In response to Naught, did you email Casanova and ask him about it? Maybe I am fortunate, but he has alway repaid me if he attacks inappropiately (usually clicking on hospitalize by mistake), as has anyone else that "hit" me, and as I try to do if I hit someone by mistake (Informica comes to mind).

People make a choice to hate or love. It is not what happens to you, but how you react to what happens that makes the person.
2006.Aug.21, 03:16 PM
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Beezlebub, I call you BeezleBUD now! Smile
2006.Aug.21, 03:22 PM
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I was a bit perturbed when he left our gang so that he could attack us. I asked him about it and he told me he would not attack us if we were online, I was OK with that. Today he attacked me while I was online and when I mentioned it to him, he said it was because of what Fat Kid had been saying. No apology, no stim pack, just aggression. Do unto others....
2006.Aug.21, 03:36 PM
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maybe if he went round busting peopole from jail. If he gets caught he can just get out for the same amount of credits as if he refils his energy
2006.Aug.21, 04:05 PM
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To Naught,
I told you that I would not attack you online and I didn't did I?
Today is different, The leaders of your gang said they would attack me online or off no matter what, so I started a gang and declared war on all of you.
I was unaware of the rule that there be at least three members in the gang before you can start a war.
I tried to explain my reasons for attacking so much, and was again shot down by the upper level players in here.
In the past I attacked offline people but because I am able to attack alot more often than most, the elders of the game decide to complain and begin my day by putting me in hospital whilst I was playing.
You tell me which is better, me attacking you several times, along with other people, whilst you are offline or me attacking you several times, along with other players whilst you are online.
If I attacked you and did not notice that you were online at the time, I would send a stim pack and an explanation.
2006.Aug.21, 04:12 PM
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Heh. Casa used my term, Elders! Woo Hoo! New gang needs to be formed, called the Elders...
2006.Aug.21, 04:31 PM
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I'll give you that, it was 14 mins after you declared war on us that you attacked me while online. You should have mentioned that when I asked you about it, instead of going on a tirade about what someone else said about you. That being said, allow me to re-iterate, I dislike your method of constant attacks, and I do believe it will come back to haunt you. No honor amongst thieves.