Bonus Points Earned
2007.Aug.22, 12:56 PM
Bonus Points Earned
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I was wondering what bonus points had to do with your referral page. I have a nice amount of referral points but still zero points in the bonus category.

How is it possible to earn those bonus points?
2007.Aug.22, 01:47 PM
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Probably when your referral donate.
2007.Aug.22, 01:53 PM
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sorry; not correct. I know that much at least. I know for a fact people have donated, then re-donated and still zero bonus points.
2007.Aug.22, 02:30 PM
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You get bonus points when your total of referral points reach a certain amount.
2007.Aug.22, 02:40 PM
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thanks for the link thor; any word on if you start getting bonus points if a single referral reaches a threshhold...or if it is your overall total. Anyone that can add anything to this subject?
2007.Aug.22, 02:50 PM
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There's no bonus for single referral as far as I know, whether you need 1 or 20 referrals to achieve the magic number, you still need the same amount.
2007.Aug.22, 02:57 PM
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well the magic number must be reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallly high
2007.Aug.22, 03:00 PM
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according to the pantheon of infamy; If i havent recieved said bonus...that means there are only 15 possible people who could have recieved one...any reply from someone lower or higher than me on that list that can try and debunk or prove this theory? Inquiring minds would like to know!
2007.Aug.22, 03:51 PM
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I get 100 bonus pts(10 credits) when my referrals reach level 3 and credits everytime they donate.
I think $5 donations get me like 40 credits...?
2007.Aug.22, 05:03 PM
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