Bonus Points Earned
2007.Aug.23, 07:48 AM
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i know you are trying to help thor, but the answer of the question is still escaping this thread....also people are still having a hard time discerning between bonus points earned and referral points earned.

Yes...we know you gain referral points when your refferals reach certain level tiers...but its BONUS POINST EARNED that I am starting this post up about.

Like I said before...if it has to do with TOTAL referral points earned then there could possibly only 15 people in AL that has even earned a bonus point if we use the pantheon of Infamy as an indicator.

54,000 referral points earned and stil 0 bonus points
2007.Aug.23, 09:18 AM
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Points Earned 161,400
Bonus Points Earned 15,000
Total Points Earned 176,400

they don't happen often, but they do happen.
2007.Aug.23, 09:46 AM
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KcCashBrigade Wrote:54,000 referral points earned and stil 0 bonus points

if u're not happy with the 54,000 referral points....

Points Earned 400
Bonus Points Earned 0
Total Points Earned 400
Points Used 400
Available Points To Spend 0
2007.Aug.23, 02:13 PM
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thanks Mud! thats the kind of concrete info I was looking for. I dont knw what happened but I just got a bonus! It must be some really close threshhold to 55k b/c it seems similar to what I have right now in my info.

PT must have done you real nice! I wonder if it works like a pyramid structure and you gain points when your refferals referral gain alot of did I say that right? If so I'm helpin you crank up your list too! =P
2007.Aug.23, 02:27 PM
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The number is 50000k referral points and it gives 5k each time you get 50k more.
2007.Aug.23, 04:50 PM
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actually Kc, of all the PTers we got to sign up, I have none on my list.
2007.Aug.23, 04:56 PM
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hydro9226 Wrote:The number is 50000k referral points and it gives 5k each time you get 50k more.
think you mean 50k not 50000k, and Kc said he had 54k and didn't have any yet, maybe it was 50k and it moved to 55k like the houses prices move all the time
2007.Aug.23, 04:59 PM
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Ya, it's 50K...

And I'll let you know if it's 50 or 55 when my referrals donates another 180$, it's how much I need for next bonus. Smile