secure longcoat or military vest
2007.Sep.04, 02:34 PM
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Atomsk Wrote:wouldnt the longcoat give more coverage for your extremeties? and on a side note what is the concealment rating for?

Have you read the newspaper lately?

07.August.26 - (...) Concealment Rating (ability to hide item from view, the higher the number the easier it is to hide) (...)
2007.Oct.02, 09:40 PM
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Atomsk Wrote:wouldnt the longcoat give more coverage for your extremeties?...r?


Depends on the extent to which the game's combat rules covers "hit locations". If it's like GURPS or Runequest then you'd be right. If it's like AD&D where it doesn't then it probably doesn't matter. That said, even with hit locations there would be some tradeoffs - Would you rather have a suit of chainmail that gave you a DR (Damage Resistance) all over or a light plate breastplate that gave you 5 DR in only your chest and abdomen but wieghed slightly less? o_O


That's a judgement call that every player would have to decide for himself. Smile
2007.Oct.02, 09:50 PM
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Then you could have the possiblity of having an armor that covers more areas and the person attacking doesn't get as high of a critical shot as often but is more consistent with damage
Have better quality armor that gives lower consistent damage but higher critical hits (exposed areas). Each armor or weapon has "pros and cons" to them.

This is just my philosophy behind them

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2007.Nov.06, 04:38 PM
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andyscho Wrote:AA303 is better, Its not a massive difference and wont save you if Pullo jumps on your chest but if you have the money for either go for the AA303

thanks for the compliment, Moriarty. lolol