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2006.Aug.21, 11:47 AM
Post: #11
blade101 ur meant to sing
2006.Aug.24, 04:20 AM
Post: #12 er dont think i will be able do that
2006.Aug.24, 04:21 AM
Post: #13
i cant sing
2006.Aug.24, 04:22 AM
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666666 Wrote:this thread didnt go exactly as planned. I wanted people signing it or singing it and i ent up with people singing and playing cowbells

does that mean i dont have to sing
2006.Aug.24, 04:33 AM
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lol carl ur taking a music GCSE.
2006.Aug.24, 04:38 AM
Post: #16
i aint singin though
2006.Aug.24, 04:42 AM
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im still not sure, what exactly are you doing?