2019.Jan.11, 08:10 PM
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(2018.Dec.23 02:54 AM)pornking Wrote:  Are the most interesting players ever in this game to play or have played post your thoughts.

Cober, monk, Jaysin, paracublabla, boundbyhonor, badmanbren, Shadowguard, likewhoa, blackjeep, mudpies, Pullo

There's a lot more I just can't think of any at the moment

MickyFilth hits VerboseCollegeKid for 1653 damage. VerboseCollegeKid resists 27 for a total of 1626 damage.
FilthyMick hits AlphaCentauri for 1619 damage. AlphaCentauri resists 67 for a total of 1552 damage.
2019.Jan.13, 05:57 AM
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Still think Dingus is the most whack but not far off is Cheetah. Man she was a fucking nutcase.

give her the bowling ball grip, two in the pink and one in the stink.

all cats are grey in the dark.