Don't leave!!!
2018.Aug.02, 09:08 PM
RE: Don't leave!!!
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Holy fuck dude I'm exactly the same. It's like social media is making me more antisocial. And ever since AL has been more easily played by me on a smartphone I pretty much rarely socialize with people on here either.

MickyFilth hits VerboseCollegeKid for 1653 damage. VerboseCollegeKid resists 27 for a total of 1626 damage.
FilthyMick hits AlphaCentauri for 1619 damage. AlphaCentauri resists 67 for a total of 1552 damage.
2020.May.12, 04:05 AM
RE: Don't leave!!!
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Tell me why I just press the reply button???
Too many dead people here.. Sad... Very sad...Back in the days I had a old pc with poor internet connection... Now a smartphone with unlimited 4G...

He is back....
2020.May.13, 06:37 AM
RE: Don't leave!!!
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Been gone for years lol

Is conrad still 5 accounts? Asking for superdave.