F*cked up
2012.Aug.01, 10:23 AM
F*cked up
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When i log in it says that my energy and ap is at full but when i go to the gym or to do skills it says i have zero anyone else getting this or is my profile jst f*cked up?

5.) You hit for 583 points of damage. ********** resists 1 for a total of 582 damage.

Death begins at Birth
2012.Aug.02, 02:41 PM
RE: F*cked up
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it's probably just you.

but since this is only post #2, we must see what transpires before we jump to conclusions.
2012.Aug.08, 07:25 PM
RE: F*cked up
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Game Assistance... admin will be right on it, promise
2012.Aug.08, 08:16 PM
RE: F*cked up
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whats an admin? do we have that on here??

MickyFilth hits VerboseCollegeKid for 1653 damage. VerboseCollegeKid resists 27 for a total of 1626 damage.
FilthyMick hits AlphaCentauri for 1619 damage. AlphaCentauri resists 67 for a total of 1552 damage.
2012.Aug.10, 11:32 AM
RE: F*cked up
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