Game Updates from August 2009 - November 2011
2012.Jan.23, 08:21 PM
Game Updates from August 2009 - November 2011
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I will clean this up and split it up later, I just didn't want to lose the information.

  • Thanksgiving results are in and tags have been given out.

  • Fixed display issue where DocWagon wasn't showing in events even though it was applied.

  • ElevenBot credits and tags have been given out.

  • Halloween candies and tags have been given out.

  • Added monthly summary for crimes back in. Added in yearly summary for crimes.

  • Added Gang War Summary page, located below Gang War History. Changed the Bioplex Assistant page to be sorted so the most current date is on the top. Changed the MobileCrime Journal to work like the Bioplex Assistant where it is grouped by years first, as well as sorting with most current date first. Moved Reply To Gang after Reply to Sender.

  • Added option to have mails and events forwarded to an email address. You may set this under your preferences. This feature requires donator status.

  • Gave out prizes to the top three egg finders from the Easter contest.

  • Gave out Easter Eggs from the contest. Prizes to the top 3 egg finders coming soon.

  • Added option to reply to gang on gang mails.

  • Fixed condition in attack code where you could win and stalemate at the same time.

  • Added who has busted you out the most in the Ares JailRecorder.

  • Fixed energy refresh for gym day to not charge more than stated. Will refund those who are listed as using credits in the logs for today.

  • Added some functionality to the gym for endurance and reputation modifying items.

  • Updated the forum code for security purposes. Added back the username, level, gang listing on the forum posts. Restructured the forum private gang permissions for the updated forum code. Added additional server security tracking and automation. Now that the hack effects are over and additional countermeasures are in place, time to catch up and actually add something for a change.

  • The forums have been upgraded and some new rules are posted in the General Discussion section. Re-activation of all forum accounts is required, and will replace your current forum password to whatever you have changed your current game password to. You can reactivate your forum account in the in-game preferences page IF you are level 4 or higher. If not, you'll have to gain some levels.

  • My worst fears are a reality. The entire site, source code and database information, has been compromised and released to the public by the hacker(s). He released it to a full-disclosure website. If you haven't changed your password by now, it is much needed.

  • Recovered data from an vulnerability exploit. Updated server. Added in a required reverification script to ensure player accounts are secure. Passwords for the game should be changed as a precaution. The forums are still a work in progress. Unsure if we will split them to another server or now.

  • Fixed a few potential exploits with gangs. As usual, we do not detail exploit fixes. Added a confirmation page to the gym energy refresh link to prevent accidental energy refreshes.

  • Fixed issue where players who participated in the 2010 but no the 2009 Halloween contest did not see the Halloween link on the inventory page. Added more tracking to the referral system so people who click your referral link, leave the site, then come back, will still have the correct referral ID entered into the system.

  • Added link to gang pages for gang vault item list so players without vault permissions can still see what's in the vault. Players with vault permissions will see a list of actions for each item in the list.

  • Fixed issue where items removed from a gang vault were not showing in the inventory correctly.

  • Fixed issue where donating consumable items to the gang vault would result in a useless slot once the item was loaned out and used. Added events to the gang event log when a player donates an item. Added option to remove an item (returning it to the owner) from the vault.

  • Added a gang vault option for items. Players can add items to their gang vault from the inventory screen. If the gang vault has any slots available, it will be added to the gang vault and displayed in the Gang Item Vault link. Those with access to the gang vault (permission) can loan out items and return items loaned to the vault. Items donated are still the property of the player who donated it, and they can recover the item at any time (even if they are no longer in the gang). Gang Vault Slots are available in the gang upgrade page. Max amount of purchasable slots is equal to twice the gang member capacity. Items on loan cannot be sold, stored in a storage unit, placed on the item market, or sent to other players. In addition, Halloween Candies from last year, items donated to gangs, and Tenbot Credits can be accessed from the top of the inventory page.

  • Fixed issue where forum accounts could not be activated from the in-game preferences page. Fixed bug registration bug. Fixed issues with forum not pulling the correct game data. All fixes due to server update.

  • Finished upgrading some server software and corrected a couple of bugs from the switch (energy/ap not refreshing). Fixed issue with gang fight logs not showing correctly or not at all. Fixed timezone issue with forum. Fixed other minor display bugs. Fixed donation issue where Paypal could not communicate with our server for automatic processing for certain donation. Fixed registration bug where players could not enter in certain characters for emails. Fixed mobile phone detection bug. All bug fixes pertained to the server software update.

  • Fixed various minor errors in the code that were resulting in notifications in the webserver logs. Recoded various portions of the site to prepare for a server upgrade directed at secure ajax implementation.

  • Implemented an automated NPC attack system. Currently being tested with Jack Mort. If you happen to be in the same location as him while online, look out. The AI will make him act in a way where he'll only go for players he knows he can get some experience off of.

  • Minor alterations to the mail system. Subject lines are easier to read with multiple replies. Added some anti-spam filtering.

  • Added some protection against a new game bot for crimes. New versioning system for the site. Latest version now ends with "r" then an number for the working revision.

  • Updated the Ares FightLog to show overall fight records with the new combat code. It's a bit slow and needs some optimization, however it will do for now. The win/loss ratio number ignores stalemates.

  • Now that my lil nephew has been born and we know he doesn't have any issues (for the last 3 months we were afraid he might have a defect, which was pretty hard on my family), I've reworked the new attack code to eliminate some issues. Fixed 2 separate instances where a combatant could defeat an opponent yet have an extra round fire off and cause a stalemate. Altered the stalemate code to lengthen fights in some instances to reduce stalemates. Optimized some code to reduce lag for very long battles. Eliminated an odd occurrence where you could get 0 gang points in a gang battle when your opponent's gang had as many gang points available to steal as they were worth in a gang war. Fixed a few minor formatting issues. Attack code is now officially on version 19.

  • Added new pantheon list for best attacks hits, split between melee and ranged weapons.

  • Adjusted the top-level shotgun damage.

  • Added some pages to the list of accessible pages when in the hospital and jail.

  • Fixed some minor display issues with the new attack code. Certain extremely rare cases damage wasn't being displayed properly on-screen with certain items equipped even though it was correct in the logs. Slightly beefed up the career bonuses for combat to make them useful, as well as gang back-up and protection. Fixed display issue with gang combat logs showing only 25 total attacks instead of 25 attacks and 25 defends each. Begrudgingly awarded Behemoth another beer drinking victory as if anyone doubted he'd win. The results can be seen in the pantheon.

  • Fixed rare issue where stalemates could drop you below 0 hit points.

  • Fixed berserk attacks showing up as hospitalizations in the hospital page. Fixed issue where some critical hits in combat would be resisted based on the crit multiplier and not the standard armor resistance. Fixed bug where some stalemates occurred with an extra round of attacks, resulting in some odd stalemate/loss results. I appreciate those who sent me screenshots of the issue, since I could not recreate the error on my end to diagnose the issue. Fixed some wording for some medical career events to be more "gender neutral".

  • Fixed an issue where certain items with skill requirements were usable without meeting them. Fixed unintended gang combat bonus where players were getting bonuses where they should not.

  • Fixed an issue where some attacks would end with a "win", however, they'd also end in a stalemate. Fixed an issue where belts were not being depleted as intended. Eliminated multiple NPCs attacking temporarily to work on adjusting the XP gained. Added hospital minutes and jail minutes to the attack logs.

  • Added the last 10 attacks v. current opponent list to the attack page for each opponent you are about to attack if available. List is only available for those with donator days.

  • Added some new weapons to the surplus outlet. Very limited quantities. Get them while you can. Shipments arrive periodically during the day. Fixed issue where new ranged weapons were not performing up to spec.

  • Added gang war attack logs. Logs will show attacks and defends, and if a war happened to have both old and new attack codes used it will show lists for each. Split the gang PvP logs into attacks and defends.

  • Added starting hit point levels to attack logs. Fixed links for jailed combatants. Fixed events for gang combat attacks. Reduced jail times for stalemates. Experience Points gained during combat has been tweaked, especially for fighting multiple weak enemies who have no chance of beating you.

  • Replaced old gang attack logs with data from the new combat code. List now shows last 25 attacks in the last 24 hours. Added the last action by the defender to the logs.

  • Replaced the current attack code with the new revamped attack code. All attacks should be similar to the old attack code, however there are some minor differences. Overall, you should see similar results from the older code. The Pantheon has two Combat sections, one to preserve the older code data, and one for the new stuff. More to be added to both the new attack code and the Pantheon. Attacks against NPCs may have more of them join in combat, so be careful!

  • Added clovers to player storage units for those who discovered some in the Leprechaun hunt.

  • Redid the item send page to add in a better confirmation of what will happen before submittal.

  • Eliminated bug where players could test their grad school courses after they failed and were below the minimum confidence level to test.

  • Reordered the skills page to show your highest ranked skills first in hopes of avoiding the dreaded unintended training of skills.

  • Corrected an issue with gang hideout refreshes not occurring due to another security update.

  • Took down the new attack code test due to it affecting belt charges. Will continue to be tweaked and brought back soon. Code has been corrected to not affect belts.

  • Fixed issue with shielding belts not working on the beta attack code. Also fixed an issue were helmets wouldn't be used if no armor was equipped.

  • Fixed issue with the hospital attack being easier than a leave attack on the beta attack code. Adjusted some XP gains to get them closer to the current attack code's averages.

  • The new multi-attack code is now live for beta testing. It can be tested against anyone with no risk, no energy loss, and no hp loss. Results from the TEST code are do not affect your account, they are just there for testing. The standard code is still live and will be available for normal REAL attacks. The new attack code logs everything you are use to plus some more things (look at your attack log). Please feel free to use this to test the code and compare things against real combat results. If you would like to see the multiple opponent addition, some attacks against NPCs will result in more than one opponent if they are in the same location.

  • Added some new power armors and helmets in limited supply to the military outlet.

  • Fixed an issue with equipping some items. Fixed gang points earned when defeating Balazar's gang. Now you should get a bonus since they are not like other gangs, and have turrets.

  • Removed Candy Canes with a quantity of 0 from storage units.

  • Added all the appropriate Halloween Candies. Our apologies for the delay. Fixed a several obscure exploits due to server software updates. Hastened the backup process to fall within the standard scheduled downtime each night. Rewrote some scripts to improve nightly maintenance efficiency and accuracy.

  • Reworked the mobile menu page for easier navigation from phones.

  • Added a couple of links to the top of the School and Skill pages for easier navigation between the two. Appended a change to the schooling tutorial. Fixed some verbiage on the mail page when clearing out your outbox.

  • Fixed display issue where your confidence in a class would show over 100%. Since 100% should give you maximum chance at success, no need to go over it.

  • Fixed a bug that allowed testing at the graduate school on Tuesdays. Test days are only supposed to be on Wednesdays.

  • Fixed issue with gang - player movement times maxing out at 34 days listed. Added 2 links at the top of the careers page for the career list and your current career. The default page view depends on if you are employed or not. If you are employed you will see your career work page and if you are unemployed you will see the career list. NPCs semi-randomly move about from location to location unless in jail or the hospital.

  • We had an issue last night that caused players school hours studied to not be reset. Therefore any hours studied yesterday were shown as being studied today. The problem has been fixed and all hours were reset.

  • Added University courses to the curriculum. All players finishing their Community College courses will now see a list of new courses to enroll in (well initially 1 course which is a prerequisite for everything else). During a normal day, players can study 8 hours for skills and ALU classes combined. The initial courses available are intended to help those who just finished their Community College stat increases. Since it's been ages since we've added anything to schools, the initial classes will seem below some. Finishing the initial 4 courses will open the doors for more classes down the road. Everyone must begin with the same course. "Grades" listed in skills are known as your "Confidence" for schooling, dictating how confident you feel you are in taking tests. Testing is only available on Wednesdays for ALU.

  • Added a "merge" link to certain items in your inventory screen that can be combined. Items can only be combined if they have exactly the same attributes and are unequipped.

  • After viewing the results of our last update, the simultaneous attack issues of the past seem to be completely fixed. It was somewhat difficult to test on our own, so thanks to everyone here we were able to see a couple out of a 10K+ attacks over the last 3 days.

  • Added code to help prevent simultaneous attacks on the same opponent. When a simultaneous attack occurs, only one attack will go through. All others involved will get a "This player is already in combat" message until the first attack is completed. If the opponent is still available to be attacked after the first attack, attacks resume as normal.

  • Altered the skills page to split trained and untrained skills for easier navigation.

  • Added an AL-Wiki link to the side menu. This is a player-run website by Chade and Teabaggins, with contributions from numerous players. The wealth of information on this site is remarkable, and we felt it was about time their hard work was rewarded with some in-game recognition. Since it's an outside site, the link opens a new window.

  • Redid some database structure to improve performance during activity spikes as well as cut the nightly maintenance time down by about a minute.

  • Finished month-long implementation to better detect bot users trying to circumvent the rules.

  • Added hideout turret guns to the Balazar gang hideout as a test.

  • Fixed bug where one could use a Sym-Pak to get out of cyberware surgery hospital time.

  • Fixed display issue in the travel agency when getting a discount. Some times it would show a decimal and have a comma in the incorrect position.

  • Fixed issue with some mobile devices that prevented them from clicking the train button in the gym.

  • Added energy, action points, happiness (percentage), and hit points (percentage) to the top of the mobile view page . Added an option in preferences to only view the normal site layout while on a phone.

  • Attempted to add a better looking phone browser view for the site. The main menu on the left is removed and has a top link for a separate menu page. The phone browser option is lighter and should fit into narrow screens better. No need to change any options, just use a phone and it should detect it. We'll run this to test for the rest of the day.