Game Updates from August 2009 - November 2011
2012.Jan.23, 08:21 PM
Game Updates from August 2009 - November 2011
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I will clean this up and split it up later, I just didn't want to lose the information.

  • Thanksgiving results are in and tags have been given out.

  • Fixed display issue where DocWagon wasn't showing in events even though it was applied.

  • ElevenBot credits and tags have been given out.

  • Halloween candies and tags have been given out.

  • Added monthly summary for crimes back in. Added in yearly summary for crimes.

  • Added Gang War Summary page, located below Gang War History. Changed the Bioplex Assistant page to be sorted so the most current date is on the top. Changed the MobileCrime Journal to work like the Bioplex Assistant where it is grouped by years first, as well as sorting with most current date first. Moved Reply To Gang after Reply to Sender.

  • Added option to have mails and events forwarded to an email address. You may set this under your preferences. This feature requires donator status.

  • Gave out prizes to the top three egg finders from the Easter contest.

  • Gave out Easter Eggs from the contest. Prizes to the top 3 egg finders coming soon.

  • Added option to reply to gang on gang mails.

  • Fixed condition in attack code where you could win and stalemate at the same time.

  • Added who has busted you out the most in the Ares JailRecorder.

  • Fixed energy refresh for gym day to not charge more than stated. Will refund those who are listed as using credits in the logs for today.

  • Added some functionality to the gym for endurance and reputation modifying items.

  • Updated the forum code for security purposes. Added back the username, level, gang listing on the forum posts. Restructured the forum private gang permissions for the updated forum code. Added additional server security tracking and automation. Now that the hack effects are over and additional countermeasures are in place, time to catch up and actually add something for a change.

  • The forums have been upgraded and some new rules are posted in the General Discussion section. Re-activation of all forum accounts is required, and will replace your current forum password to whatever you have changed your current game password to. You can reactivat