i am sooooo dead
2006.Aug.02, 06:30 PM
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Which doesn't?
2006.Aug.02, 06:32 PM
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2006.Aug.02, 06:35 PM
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666666 Wrote:is it turbo?

thats him Smile

turbo metal on ice and fire Mrgreen
2006.Aug.02, 07:12 PM
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vampira knows me so well!!!!
2006.Aug.02, 08:31 PM
Warning: Do not read if you might be allergic to history....
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CouchMonkey Wrote:It would be nice if the gangs would show all affiliations in their description.

Warning: Do not read if you might be allergic to history....
....and/or longwinded posts

Yes, listing all official affiliations would likely prove nice for aggressive gangs (such as yours) seeking easy respect points from poorer, newer, defenseless crews. However, I implore you to take a brief look at world history. Alliances are not allways publicised, sometimes for good reason. Granted, modern history has departed from the use of secret alliances for the most part. (Although one could argue a case for the relationship between US and Taiwan as being secret type alliance...the Taiwan Relations Act sets no official policy re: a defense pact, so nobody can definitively say what would happen if Taiwan was invaded...it would most likely be up to the discresion of the administration in power at the time.) However, look at WWI. Germany & Austria-Hungary allied and later Italy joined in. France/Russia/England soon formed a triple alliance...to which Japan later joined. Later Turkey and Romania joined with the German/Hungarians. All of these aforementioned alliances were conducted in secret. And what happened when war broke out? All hell broke loose.

One quote which i really like and feel is applicable here is:
"Cooperative alliances, coalitions, and partnerships are the secret of 20th century success -- a truth now more valid than ever. Nowhere is this clearer than in the area of cross-border aggression. In past centuries and in the early part of this one, initiating war was profitable. This was how rich empires were created. But in the second half of the 20th century wars have become ruinous for the provocateur or the invader. Recall what Afghanistan cost the Soviet Union, what Vietnam cost the United States, what Suez cost the British, what war in the Falklands cost Argentina, what the invasion of Kuwait cost Iraq -- and this is merely a short tally. Wars of international aggression are now the quickest way to national ruin. In the words of Shimon Peres, the hunting season in world affairs is over. As this realization spreads, it should restrain the recklessness of nations and become a circuit-breaker on our 20th century cycle." -Ralph Buultjens Ph.D NYU

Something to consider the next time you go out invading those seemingly "easy targets."

Of course all these points are mute anyway, seeing as the alliance was clearly stated in my gang description. Had you spent 20 seconds to check, you would have seen the alliance listed officially. However, I am now considering removing that listing, and conducting all future diplomatic endeavors entirely in secret. Biggrin

Damn, all that and i didnt even mention FDR.

OK. Im done with the podium. sorry.
2006.Aug.02, 08:38 PM
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Nice post oddjob. Smile
2006.Aug.02, 09:44 PM
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I was going to post exactly what oddjob typed, but after 30 minutes of typing, retyping, editing, starting over, retyping... he posted. Damn him Smile

Zenith [2]
Game Creator and Admin
2006.Aug.02, 10:17 PM
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30 minutes? You kidding me? I wish! I've been working on that post for at least the last couple of weeks now....the full version is due out in november...mark your calendars.

Not to mention the trip to the library...which btw i never knew contained so many books about stuff and junk.
2006.Aug.02, 10:20 PM
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Books? I thought everything was on the internet. Well except wikipedia, since people like to flag pages for deletion if they think they compete with their page.

Zenith [2]
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2006.Aug.03, 08:26 AM
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I know I believe everything I read on the internet is real.